Union Contact Pro, Volt Red, Size L

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  • SW10135
RECOMMENDED USE Added mobility and range of motion for more expressive riding... mehr
Produktinformationen "Union Contact Pro, Volt Red, Size L"
Park / Freestyle
Added mobility and range of motion for more expressive riding
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Designed for all-day comfort with increased padding in high impact zones
4-Hole (4x2 Only) + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole (4x2 only) and Burton Channel mounting systems
Designed and backed by Union Pro Rider Gigi Rüf, the 2018 Union Contact Pro Snowboard Binding is designed for the all mountain-freestyle rider looking for total freedom and a surfy feel that performs great both inside and outside the park. The light weight Mini Disk Duraflex ST base plate makes this bindings one of the lightest on the market and provides the perfect blend of response and dampening for riding all snow conditions. Featuring the patented 5% Contact Area, dead spots are eliminated and the board is allowed to flex more naturally which is a must for technical rail lines in the park. Unions CP3 Highbacks provide excellent response and control for precise turns and easy maneuverability while ripping around the whole mountain. If your looking for a light weight and responsive binding that comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on baseplates and heel cups, look no further! The Gigi Rüf designed and ridden 2018 Union Contact Pro Snowboard Binding is here.
Key Features
  • Designed by Gigi Rüf
  • 5% Contact Area
  • Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk
  • Integrated Vaporlite Bushings
  • Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup
  • CP3 Highback
  • Mini FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster)
  • SonicFuse Ankle Straps
  • Tool-Free Ankle/Toe Strap Adjustments
  • Ultra Grip™ Toe Cup
  • Multi-Position Toe Strap Adjustment
  • Magnesium 1.0 Buckles
  • Duraflex ST Baseplate
  • TrueFit Heelcup, Toe Ramp & Stance Adjustment
  • Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index
  • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups
The Hype
  • Transworld Tested and Approved
  • Union: 100% Ownership, 100% Focus

Designed by Gigi Rüf -  Gigi Rüf is considered one of the greatest snowboarding icons of all time. In 2010, both Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding named Rüf a top-pick Rider of the Year. Rüf is credited with bringing international recognition to the sport and helping to define modern snowboarding. In 2009, Rüf signed onto Union Binding Company's Pro Team. Rüf now works alongside Union's world-renowned product development team to design the best bindings for today's snowboarder.

5% Contact Area -  Minimal board to binding footprint crucially reduces interference with your board's true flex and provides a more natural response and feel.

Universal 4x2 Channel Compatible Minidisk -  Designed to create a minimal contact footprint for even board flex.

Compatible with any traditional 4-hole or 3-hole snowboard mounting inserts, along with Burton snowboards featuring The Channel. You can mount Union Bindings on any board you choose.

Not compatible with 4x4 or with boards featuring powder pack setback insets.

Integrated Vaporlite Bushings -  Vaporlite full bottom bushing system under the baseplate allows for natural canting and next level vibration dampening for season long foot comfort.

Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex -  It's a simple fact - the larger your binding's baseplate, the more effect it has on the way your board flexes. Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength with the smallest footprint possible, crucially reducing interference with a board's true flex.

Once bindings are mounted they create dreaded "Dead Zones"- areas under the baseplates where your board won’t flex. With this in mind, all Union bindings are designed to promote a free, even board flex for sweeter response, better board control, and improved durability.

Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate and Heel Cup -  Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Highbacks, straps, ratchets and other components are covered under Union's 1 Year Warranty.


CP3 Highback -  Developed and tested by Gigi Rüf, the CP3 highback is incredibly light, extremely comfortable, and outstanding in all types of snowboarding terrain.


SonicFuse Ankle Straps -  SonicFuse is a multilayer composite, fused together to form a single articulated strap component. A new approach to minimize stitching and increase durability.

Tool-Free Ankle/Toe Strap Adjustments -  No screwdrivers needed here. Simply flip the adjusters by hand to fine-tune your fit.

Ultra Grip™ Toe Cup -  Redesigned to feature multi-positional options with an open, Ultra Grip toe to keep your foot locked in.

Multi-Position Toe Strap Adjustment -  High-performance, highly comfortable toe straps keep your feet locked in and on point. Multi-position cored toe straps allows you to ride your straps on top of the boot or over the toe for the ultimate in premium personalization.

Magnesium 1.0 Buckles -  This high-tech process is four times the strength of aluminum with only half the weight. Plus, magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant element on the planet.


Duraflex ST Baseplate -  The Duraflex baseplate is designed to minimize dead spots between the binding-to-board contact area to a mere 5%. Minimized binding interference allows your board to flex naturally, boosting performance and durability.

TrueFit Heelcup, Toe Ramp & Stance Adjustment -  Once mounted to the board, adjust your heelcups and toe ramps to get your feet centered over the board to ensure the perfect setup.

The perfect interface from boot to binding, an adjustable toe ramp allows you to customize your platform underfoot to fit your boot size. A slight upward angle at the toes increases leverage for powering turns and minimizing toe drag.

Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index -  Bigger riders require stiffer bindings. Union proportionally increases the fiberglass content in each size of their bindings so that any rider who straps in will have perfect support.

Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups -  A new process removes as much excess material as possible in the heelcup to reduce weight while maintaining tried and true strength. Union heelcups undergo an anodizing process reinforcing the already bombproof apparatus with another 30-percent strength. It's serious strength in a streamline package.


Transworld Tested and Approved -  This product has been Tested and Approved by Transworld Snowboarding to be one of the top performing products in its category. 

Transworld enlisted the help of experienced gear testers to test hundreds of premium snow products. Much like Transworld's Good Wood award for snowboards, the Tested and Approved award is given to products that represent the best in their category.


Union: 100% Ownership, 100% Focus -  Union is 100% devoted to making the best bindings on the planet. From discovering new materials to CNC machining a new baseplate, everything is done in-house with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is completely exclusive to Union.


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