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Endeavor Guerrilla Series 155
Endeavor Guerrilla Series 155
A damn good quiver of boards in one, the Guerrilla. The All Terrain Camber-with-Raised-Contacts (camber between the bindings, reverse camber out to the contact points) gives you the best of both worlds. Energy and pop but loose and fun....
CHF 579.00 *
Endeavor Color 152 Series
Endeavor Color 152 Series
Slushy park laps, pressing boxes, sliding rails, hucking 5’s off jumps this board is fun and mellow, yet mid stiff with ollie pop. SBC Award for PARK/JIB BOARD “I feel like a teen again on this board. All this fun packed into 152cm’s…...
CHF 649.00 *
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